Short Story: Dreamland

Good evening! So I didn’t really have a thought or any topic I wanted to talk about. Instead you get to read one of my short stories *slow clap*. I wrote this one back in high school on the idea of how crazy dreams can be and how after a dream, we go on about our lives like nothing happened. Have a read, and enjoy your night.

-Andrew 🙂

P.S. I’ve recently came across this song called “On and On” by The Score. It’s an amazing song and you should hear it and spread the love.The Score – On and On


As I lay down in my bed, I began to think about the things that happened during the day. I realized the repetitiveness of my mundane life has begun to unfold. As I thought of the constants beeping of an alarm clock and the siren of the school bell, I closed my eyes for only a second.  I opened my eyes and felt a slight change in scenery. The darkness that was my room now turned into an open field; I thought to myself if I had woken from a dream. I was walking through the field, not a care in the world. But as I look down at the ground, the once green grass turned into the chrome floor of a spaceship. I thought again to myself if this was a dream, but I still haven’t done anything about it. As I wandered through the ship, barefoot, I found an empty observation room. I walked towards the oval window with great curiosity; just to see what was on the other side. The other side of the oval window revealed the vast emptiness of space. The quietness and serene scenery gave me a sudden chill, as a shooting star past my eyes. I felt like I was alone in a world I created. As another star past my eyes, a meteor began to come towards me. The sounds of alarms and sirens began to fill the spaceship. I tried to do something about it, but I can’t. It was as if I had become paralyzed and I was watching the destruction come towards me. I panicked. I felt the walls closing in on me. All I could do is watch. As the meteor closed in on my position, I closed my eyes as to not see what will happen. I felt a sudden jolt in my body. The chrome floor disappeared from under my feet. I was in the field again. I felt my heart return to its regular beating pattern. I then proceeded to walk through the field again. As sudden breeze of wind began to flow through the field; the wind felt nice as it flew through by hair. The wind then started to become more and more violent. I looked around to see what was making it faster. The field then fell apart between my feet. Before I ever noticed, I was falling. I tried to grab a hold on something, but I couldn’t. As I fell I saw the nothingness of space. I thought to breath, but I was not able to. Every breath I attempted resulted in frequent gasps and constant panic attacks. As my descent came to a close, I landed on something soft; I closed my eyes in an attempt to shut out this world. I opened my eyes a few seconds later to the pleasant sight of my bedroom. The alarm clock was beeping beside me; as usual, I then started my day.


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