Unravel Into Beauty

Good evening! So today I thought I’d give my thoughts on the game Unravel by Coldwood Studios.

So in case you don’t know, Unravel is a platforming game made by Coldwood Studios and published by EA (yes, that sounds bad, but keep reading). The story focuses on a little red devil made of yarn named Yarny. And his goal is to reconnect loved ones and family together through old pictures in an album. There is something strange with games released in the first quarter of the year. Because this is my favorite game of the year.

Starting off with the gameplay, it is challenging as it is enjoyable. Yarny starts his adventures in a house, and ventures out into the world through pictures scattered throughout. Each chapter is varied and comes with its own challenges. In one chapter, Yarny has to navigate his way through a beautifully rendered Swedish country-side, and in another he has to carefully venture his way through a radioactive infested dump. The biggest challenge is to make sure that Yarny has enough yarn to make it through to the end of the chapter with out unraveling or dying. And in that challenge, there are many different obstacles that stand in your way, like a ravenous gopher or the swarm of crows trying to take Yarny away.

Next off is the graphics. Unravel is by far the most beautiful game I have ever seen. All the enviroments are beautifully detailed and photo realistic views of Sweden. There is just so much detail put into all the enviroments and you could stand up to the TV, and count the individual blades of grass. Everything about the graphics and the visuals is absolutely beautiful.

If you didn’t read any of the top, the bottom is what you need to read.

What I love most about Unravel, is the story. The main focus is about Yarny reconnecting loved ones together through a photo album and little patches of art made of yarn. In the ensuing chapters, you will come across random echoes of memory. That will form a picture of various things, ranging from friends playing in the grass, to a family hiking near a lake. Most of the memories are happy and cheerful. But they can also be saddening. Yarny ventures throughout life. Finding the things that make us smile or frown. And it is Yarny’s ambition to love and adventure that brings back the tidings of a family. I remember fondly, of a memory echo of a little girl sitting on a tree branch with a smile on her face. It’s those little memories and snippits of life that we cling onto as life continues. As the memory went away, I had a tearful eye and a smile on my face, as I continued playing.

Something else that should be comended for, is the music. Just like the graphics, the music is a beautiful as it is calming. To this day, I listen to the music as I do my homework and when I write my novel. It is that good. The calming guitar strums and soothing music makes me just close my eyes and picture the beautiful scenery of Sweden. If the soundtrack was released on iTunes, I would buy it in a heartbeat. The music greatly reflects what is happening on the screen and makes the emotional scenes even more emotional.

So to wrap things up, Unravel is a heartwarming, challenging, and beautiful game that I had the most pleasure of playing. I will absolutely keep this game and Yarny close to my heat. If you own a PC, Xbox One, or PS4, I strongly encourage you to pick up this game. If you were to play just one game in your life, it has to be Unravel. This is the definition of art in a video game form.


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