Cancelled Short Story: A Light in the Dark

Hi everyone! Since I’m running out of ideas and thoughts, I thought I’d give a part of a cancelled story I wrote. Originally, A Light in the Dark was supposed to be a collection of short stories based on the video game Destiny. But I cancelled the project as I had to focus on schoolwork and also trying to get The Impure published (Oh! Next post idea!).

The first story, Feron-4, was originally a two part story, but I only finished the first part. So down below will be what I wrote. So feel free and have a read. While I’m at it, I’m gonna leave a track from the Destiny soundtrack to listen to while reading the story.

Have a good night, and I’ll see you next time.

-Andrew 🙂 Destiny: The Taken King (Bow to No One)

A Light in the Dark


Those that walk through the Tower’s archives, they won’t notice the name Feron-4 scribed into neither its walls nor its books. Most see him as another guardian who fell to the power of the Darkness, lost in the reaches of time. But to the Warlocks, he was more than a guardian. He was a scholar, a friend, a legend. This is the story of Feron-4.

We begin his story at the Tower, where one would likely encounter a Warlock. In the libraries, studying the mysteries of the Vex. Amidst the endless shelves of books and journals hid Feron-4. He chose to be alone. He never bonded with the other Guardians. And because of this, he found comfort in the scripts of the Golden Age. Feron couldn’t remember his past, even before his ghost brought him back from the dead. Hell, he tried to find mentions of himself throughout the books and found nothing. Like he was a ghost unto itself.

On a cold winter day, Feron sat in a table with a pile of books trying to learn more about the Vex weaponry and technology. He was about halfway finished when a woman, with brown hair and a feathered cloak, appeared in front of him. Her hand cannon sat clipped on her back while her hood was pulled back, revealing neatly brushed brown hair cascading to her left. She looked at him with her eyebrows scrunched together, as if she wanted something from him.

“Are you Feron?” she asked, clasping her hands together.

“It depends on who’s asking,” Feron answered, turning the pages of a book. He didn’t bother looking up to see who was asking.

“Name’s Hana, I was told if I wanted information about the Vex I’d look for you.”

Feron’s eyes shifted from a bright yellow to a soothing blue color. The antennae in his head receded and he closed his book and looked at Hana. He folded his hands on the table.

“The biggest piece of information I can give, is to shoot one in the glowing part. About the middle of the chest; where you’d expect a belly. And don’t stay near its tech for too long. Otherwise you’ll end up like Osiris. Is that it?”

“Have you heard of Atheon?” Hana asked.

“Time’s Conflux? Yes, I’ve heard of it. The Vex mind that can jump from past to future as it pleases. What of it?”

“I’m putting together a team to kill it. And I need information on how to find it.”

Feron scoffed and left his chair, taking a stack of books with him. Hana got up and followed him to the aisles. Feron put a few books back while picking a couple of new volumes.

“If this is some kind of joke, you need some more work. Atheon is inside the Vault of Glass. No one has gone inside and left. And if you were to enter it, which I don’t recommend, it’s not gonna be easy to get to him. A few Guardians reported something called the Templar just waiting to take your Light. And only the Traveler knows what is beyond the Templar. If you are willing to risk your life and the lives of other Guardians to kill something that can’t be killed, don’t bring me into it.”

“No one is dying on this mission, Feron,” Hana said. “If you can help me find more information about the Vault of Glass and Atheon, I promise you can have first dibs at whatever is inside of it. Just follow me to Venus and find what you can.”

Feron was one to turn down adventure for comfort, but he wasn’t one to turn down knowledge. He returned to the table and gently put his books down. With one hand on the stack, he let out a sigh and looked at Hana.

“Fine… I’ll help you take down Atheon, on one condition.”

She put one hand on her hip and said, “Anything you need.”

“There are rumors, about someone named Praedyth that went into the Vault. Anything you or your fireteam find in there about him, you bring it to me.”

Hana looked down at the ground and back at Feron. She smiled and extended her hand. “Deal.” Feron shook her hand and the two of them left the library.

Once outside in the Tower commons, Hana followed Feron to his vault where he kept his equipment: an orange hand cannon, a fusion rifle, and a helmet with feathers sticking out the backside.  He then walked to the gunsmith, Banshee, to purchase a few packs of ammo syntheses for the journey.

On the way to his last stop, Hana and Feron encountered the third member of the team. A titan named Yung. He stood heroic, carrying his helmet. He greeted Hana and she introduced him to Feron. Yung stood six feet tall and was covered head to toe in shimmering white armor. They called him “Hive Killer.” Stories about how he slaughtered a coven of wizards had spilled through the Tower like wildfire. He was a respected Guardian, but he wanted a real challenge. Hana recruited him after meeting in the European dead-zone. Yung stood in a pose that would make him look like a statue; leaning on his left foot, helmet cradled in the right hand, and a rocket launcher “Gjallarhorn” on his back.

Yung parted ways with Hana and Feron. The two Guardians finished their preparation by meeting Amanda Holiday, the shipwright, to find Feron his old ship. Being as he rarely traveled outside of the City a ship seemed unnecessary. Luckily for him, she found his ship gathering dust in a hangar. Amanda dusted it off and after a quick tune-up, it looked good as new.

Feron and Hana stood together by the hangar doors.

“Before you can kill Atheon,” Feron said. “You need to learn how to get to Atheon first. And that means opening the Vault of Glass. As far as we know, there is no way or no known way of opening it. The Ishtar Academy may have some information on it. I’ll be heading there first.”

“Do you need someone to help you out?” Hana asked, wiping her knife. “Venus has changed and not for the better. Sure Guardians are doing their best to keep the Fallen and the Vex at bay, but none of it seems to be working.”

Feron’s eyes clicked twice and shifted the color to white. “I think I can manage. I’m still a Guardian after all.”

The two parted ways, each into their perspective ships. Feron hopped into his ship and enter the location of the Ishtar Academy and the ship parted from the Tower and into the sky.


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