Hello to whoever just happened to be reading this. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this and I thought I’d give an update to my road to publication for my novel The Impure.

So far, it hasn’t been easy. For the past year I’ve sent countless queries to countless literary agencies. And among the countless queries, only 40 of them responded, each one being a rejection. Those are just the ones that actually have responded. There are still ones that didn’t have time to respond, though I still think they’re rejections.

With all these rejections I’m having doubts and second thoughts. Is my writing any good? Will it ever be published? Should I just quit? Then I have to start and think about what is wrong. And usually I start with me. Mostly I think that my biggest problem is the query letter alone. Maybe it isn’t as good as it sounds in my head or it’s just bland. So I rewrite it to be more appealing and less eye-gouging. But even with that, I still get rejection after rejection.

Sometimes these doubts fill into my head right after I receive a rejection and it’s just a really bad feeling. It’s like… I pour my heart and soul out into the pages and I send it out, only to see people say “no.” I get that the market is subjective and it has preferences, but it gets rough.

Then something hits me. Is it because I don’t have “credibility?” I have to admit, I’m still in college and fairly young. Could that be the reason my queries are getting rejected? I has to be…

Nevertheless, with all the doubt, all the second thoughts, I have to power through all of it. I know my story is worth telling. Just maybe, some literary agent will just give me a shot and say “Hey, I trust your writing and you. Let me represent you.” But when will that day come?

I’m sorry, this is just gibber gabber from a college student with a dream. It’s just… I’m getting really tired of being in school for days on end hoping to get normal job and be a drone for the rest of my life. If you made it this far, you earned yourself a sticker. And thanks for reading my thoughts.

Have a good weekend and have a good night.



One thought on “Road to Publication #3: Second Doubts

  1. Keep pressing on. Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t talented or a pro with the pen.. it just may not be what the person was looking for at the moment. Continue to submit your work and continue to write your heart out… you can do it. You got this!! Write on


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