Hi everyone! So Battlefield 1 has been out for a while if you had EA/Origin Access. But for myself, I bought it yesterday and had the 9 P.M. release yesterday. After finishing the story mode and playing some of the multiplayer, I think it’s time to give my thoughts on it.

War Unlike Any Other

This is the first Battlefield I’ve played since Battlefield 3. After hearing about the terrible launch of Battlefield 4 I thought that this one will be no different. And I’m big enough to say that I was wrong. Battlefield 1 is a refreshing addition to the series and perhaps the best Battlefield since Bad Company 2.

Note on Multiplayer: If you are into the Battlefield multiplayer you’ll feel right at home. Simple as that. Now onto what I really want to talk about.

The thing that really stood out for me was the story mode. Like Valiant Hearts, the story focuses on different people and what happened to them during the Great War. I loved the variety of characters and how their specialty also reflected what type of missions you’ll be playing. As an example, there is a character who specializes in driving and it’s his job to drive a tank. So some of his missions will involve driving a tank through war. Each character has their special job that makes their story very memorable.

Out of the five stories you will experience, my personal favorite is one called “Friends in High Places.” In this story you experience WWI through the eyes of a guy named Blackburn who volunteers to be a fighter pilot. I felt his story was the most interesting and his setpieces give way to some of the most visually stunning places I’ve seen in a video game. As for the other stories, they are equally good and well made except for one story regarding an Italian heavy armored fighter. This story felt the weakest out of all of them and was in turn the shortest. I’m going to keep spoilers out of this, so this excerpt is gonna be short.

The biggest gripe I have with the War Stories is that they are all short (each one being at least 2 and at the most 4 chapters). If each story was longer I’d be more engrossed in the stories and felt even more attached to the characters.

Now aside from the great story mode, the stand-out thing for me is the score. From sneaking behind enemy lines, to shooting down a zeppelin, the music was absolutely perfect. I want the soundtrack right now (and at the time of writing has not been released). My favorite track has to be during “Friends in High Places,” where Blackburn is soaring through the sky fighting German planes and the score turns heroic as the classic Battlefield melody follows the amazing score.

Final Thoughts

So overall, Battlefield 1 is a return to form for the shooter. The WWI setting is refreshing and the war stories are memorable (aside from armor guy). The multiplayer is the same thing it’s always been. So if you like Battlefield and its multiplayer, I strongly recommend playing Battlefield 1.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time.

-Andrew 🙂


One thought on “Thoughts On: Battlefield 1

  1. I’m definitely enjoying Battlefield 1 so far, but haven’t checked out multiplayer yet. It’s unfortunate to hear that the campaign is short, but I’ve often heard of it being described as a tutorial and a stepping stone leading into the multiplayer. I guess that makes sense considering each character will teach you a different aspect of multiplayer play (driving a vehicle, repairing, flying, etc.).

    Can’t wait to play some more later today.



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