Why I like the Holiday Season 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! – Someone I forgot their name. 

I’ve always loved the holiday season for so many reasons. 

For starters, the cold. With the cold comes my endless supply of jackets and sweaters and heavy clothing. And down goes my car windows for a drives filled with cool air. 

Next, the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas have to be one of my favorite holidays period. The lights and trees go up, the turkey is in the oven, and everyone is around giving out presents. Being 20 years old I have been getting less presents and more money (not that I’m complaining). It was always something I looked forward to every year.

Last thing is the smell. There is something about that Christmas smell that is just divine. I still haven’t found a candle for it but I know just what it is by the smell of it.

And that’s why I love the holidays. Thanks for listening to my rambling as I wait for my next class to start. Have a good day and happy holidays. 

P.S. Still haven’t gotten to Road to Publication episode (?). I will eventually. In the meantime I’ll post another short story I wrote with a festive holiday theme. 

-Andrew 🙂


Road to Publication #3.5 Another Day…

Road to Publication #3.5 Another Day…

Another rejection…

At this point in my journey to find a literary agent, I can’t even count how many rejection letters I’ve received (not to mention the ones where if they don’t respond it’s a no). I don’t know what’s wrong. The query? The pitch? Maybe the book itself?  Every time I get a rejection, that grey cloud always comes back and turns my day gloomy and the occasional existential crisis comes.

But there was something about this particular rejection. Could it be that this one was the last letter to bring all the weight down? And whenever this happens, that creative flow that fuels my writing sessions every night goes dry and I can’t write a single thing.

I hit the wall again. And sure I’ll get out of it as I always have. But I’m being more and more cautious about who I’m sending queries to. Reason? Maybe with all the previous rejections, I’m just scared of getting another rejection.

Every time I get a wave of rejections I go back to the drawing board and rewrite some or even the entire book. It’s as polished as it can be. Every book can benefit from a revision but how many revisions will it be until the project I fell in love with isn’t what I remembered it to be?

Just a stream of conscious

If you had happened to stumble across this, I’m just trying to put my thoughts down. Sorry if you don’t know what’s going on. But if you do want to know, feel free to visit the other parts of this series where I try and get my book published.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my self-pity existential crisis. Promise in the next entry I’ll explain what my book is. But until then, have a good night.


Just a quick announcement…

Now that I have WordPress on my phone, blog entries may be a little more frequent.