Road to Publication #4: My Novel

FeaturedRoad to Publication #4: My Novel

Finally Time

Hi everyone! After finishing the fifth edit of my novel and finding actual free time, it’s time that I officially unveil (even if it’s not been published yet, still working on that) my novel to the world. Before now, only one person has read a portion of the book. Although I am not releasing a chapter (yet), I will be talking about it in great detail. So if you just so happen to be a literary agent, and I queried you but you still aren’t sure about what this book can be, this entry will clear the air for you.

So without delaying any further, I proudly introduce you to my novel.

The Impure

What is the Impure?

The Impure is a series of books that I am currently writing and in the process of querying to agents for the hope of getting it published one day. It is an urban fantasy novel that can be considered both Adult and New Adult. The Impure follows the stories of a group of people known as the Impure, they are gifted individuals with abilities like teleportation, fire conjuring, super strength, and everything in between.

Although the series is known as “The Impure,” the entire ark of the book follows a person named Oliver. Through events that occur in the book, he discovers that he can control time. With his newfound abilities, he encounters a representative of a group called “the Impure.” On the surface it is a school and sanctuary for people like Oliver to study and learn to control their powers in safety. Oliver eventually joins them and without spoiling the book, his adventure begins.

Over the course of the book, Oliver’s journey takes him around the world, to the war-torn country of Tarnaka to the familiar land of the United States. Over the course of the book, he discovers that an ancient evil has begun to make its return. It is now up to Oliver and the Impure to protect a world he thought to be normal.

History Behind the Book

When I graduated high school back in 2014, I spent some time on my family’s farm over the summer to think about what I wanted to do with my life. And honestly, I had no idea. As I passed the time there, I stumbled on a movie while browsing Netflix. A little movie called Click (yes, the movie with Adam Sandler). As I was watching the movie, it had aspects of controlling time and the movie played it out with a simplistic manner that it was actually believable. By the time the movie ended, an idea popped into my head. “What if I wrote a book that involved time control?” I thought to myself. As seeing I didn’t bring my laptop with me during my visit, I didn’t have a way to write anything properly. I spent about two months there, and when I finally went back home to start college, I immediately went to work on the novel. I wrote a 70,000 word draft in 2015, and as the months passed I added more and more to it. As of now, the novel is around 85,000 words.

When I first started working on it, it started off being called “Project: Hourglass.” It originally began as a memoir of my journey after high school, but the train tracks switched and became what is now known as The Impure. Then the first story concept was that of a young adult novel. Basically a high school student would discover that he could control time would use his newfound power to help himself. But the cost of using that power was that he would soon be unable to control it and eventually fade out of time.

Once that concept didn’t interest me anymore, I turned to the second story concept. And this was the one that became The Impure. It still started off with the main character (now known as Oliver) during his last day of high school and beyond. He would discover his powers and the representative would take him to the Impure. The story then jumps four years into the future and that is where the real story begins.

My Inspirations

For the Impure, I drew a lot of my inspirations from what I grew up with. And what I grew up with was comic books, movies, video games, and Power Rangers. For the aspect of the Impure, I drew inspiration from my first superhero movie, X-Men. The idea of a school that trained people to control their powers really interested me. For the idea of people having powers, that came from a lot of superhero movies I watched. And the reason that Power Rangers was a big inspiration for me, was because of the cast of characters. It was diverse (albeit a little racist at the time) and the messages that Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly taught me about finding your own person and being your own hero resonated with me my entire life. And that was what inspired that cast of characters in The Impure. The characters are diverse and relatable, coming from all walks of life.

The Plan for The Impure

Even though the book hasn’t been published (or been picked up by a literary agent), I have already written a second book. My commitment to these stories and these characters is beyond comprehension. And in addition to the second book, I am in the process of writing the third.

The Impure is planned to be an eight-part series with a hiatus gap between the fourth and fifth. The future installments have been named and even the end of the series is already written. Whenever I’d have an idea pop into my head, I had to write it down and determine where it would happen in the books. Hell, I’ve even fake-cast some of the characters in the hopes of making it a TV show (it would be film but I feel that I can get more out a long form show). I may be overreaching for a lot of this, but this is because I am passionate in these stories and what it could possibly become in the future.

Why am I writing this post?

I’m writing this because (it’s long overdue) I was done with having this story of adventure, powers, magic, and oddities all to myself. In my heart, I know this is a story that people can read and feel related. That is what the central theme of The Impure really is, to be more than you could possibly imagine. It is a story about being your own hero and doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

There also is another reason to this post. When I query literary agents, I feel that I can’t fully explain what the Impure is in less than a page. I need an outlet like this so that I can express my enthusiasm and love for the stories I’ve written. So if you are one of those literary agents I’ve queries, maybe this could help you decide if the Impure is right for you.

So that is all I have to say (for now) about the unveiling of my novel, The Impure. If there are other questions you may want answered, feel free to leave a comment below. And to catch up on my thoughts on games, my train of thought ramblings, my short stories, or updates on my road to publication, follow me here on WordPress or follow me on Twitter.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and have a good night or good morning.

-Andrew 🙂



Road to Publication #3.5 Another Day…

Road to Publication #3.5 Another Day…

Another rejection…

At this point in my journey to find a literary agent, I can’t even count how many rejection letters I’ve received (not to mention the ones where if they don’t respond it’s a no). I don’t know what’s wrong. The query? The pitch? Maybe the book itself?  Every time I get a rejection, that grey cloud always comes back and turns my day gloomy and the occasional existential crisis comes.

But there was something about this particular rejection. Could it be that this one was the last letter to bring all the weight down? And whenever this happens, that creative flow that fuels my writing sessions every night goes dry and I can’t write a single thing.

I hit the wall again. And sure I’ll get out of it as I always have. But I’m being more and more cautious about who I’m sending queries to. Reason? Maybe with all the previous rejections, I’m just scared of getting another rejection.

Every time I get a wave of rejections I go back to the drawing board and rewrite some or even the entire book. It’s as polished as it can be. Every book can benefit from a revision but how many revisions will it be until the project I fell in love with isn’t what I remembered it to be?

Just a stream of conscious

If you had happened to stumble across this, I’m just trying to put my thoughts down. Sorry if you don’t know what’s going on. But if you do want to know, feel free to visit the other parts of this series where I try and get my book published.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my self-pity existential crisis. Promise in the next entry I’ll explain what my book is. But until then, have a good night.


Just a quick announcement…

Now that I have WordPress on my phone, blog entries may be a little more frequent.

Road to Publication #3: Second Doubts

Road to Publication #3: Second Doubts

Hello to whoever just happened to be reading this. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this and I thought I’d give an update to my road to publication for my novel The Impure.

So far, it hasn’t been easy. For the past year I’ve sent countless queries to countless literary agencies. And among the countless queries, only 40 of them responded, each one being a rejection. Those are just the ones that actually have responded. There are still ones that didn’t have time to respond, though I still think they’re rejections.

With all these rejections I’m having doubts and second thoughts. Is my writing any good? Will it ever be published? Should I just quit? Then I have to start and think about what is wrong. And usually I start with me. Mostly I think that my biggest problem is the query letter alone. Maybe it isn’t as good as it sounds in my head or it’s just bland. So I rewrite it to be more appealing and less eye-gouging. But even with that, I still get rejection after rejection.

Sometimes these doubts fill into my head right after I receive a rejection and it’s just a really bad feeling. It’s like… I pour my heart and soul out into the pages and I send it out, only to see people say “no.” I get that the market is subjective and it has preferences, but it gets rough.

Then something hits me. Is it because I don’t have “credibility?” I have to admit, I’m still in college and fairly young. Could that be the reason my queries are getting rejected? I has to be…

Nevertheless, with all the doubt, all the second thoughts, I have to power through all of it. I know my story is worth telling. Just maybe, some literary agent will just give me a shot and say “Hey, I trust your writing and you. Let me represent you.” But when will that day come?

I’m sorry, this is just gibber gabber from a college student with a dream. It’s just… I’m getting really tired of being in school for days on end hoping to get normal job and be a drone for the rest of my life. If you made it this far, you earned yourself a sticker. And thanks for reading my thoughts.

Have a good weekend and have a good night.


Road to Publication #2

Road to Publication #2

Episode 2: Rejections

Happy Wednesday, everyone! So for the next installment of my “Road to Publication” series, I figured that I’d give you my thoughts on a topic that plagues writers and everyone else: REJECTIONS *cue dramatic music*.

Let’s say you are a writer or an actor, or just someone applying to college. You send your query letter, headshot/resume, or your application. You are waiting a week or a month. It is a gruesome month. You pace back and forth from the mailbox to your email.

After that painful wait, you finally get your response! You read the first line, and it usually goes, “Dear Person, thank you so much for [querying, submitting] to this [agency, college].” And then that dreaded word that lowers your spirits. “Unfortunately.” After the word “unfortunately,” it’s safe to assume that you didn’t get in.

Now being around 19 years old, I’m not as experienced with rejections as someone older than me. But I have gotten a fairly large number of them (ranging from queries to college applications). So if you are like me, a college student trying to break into an industry, or maybe you are someone not like me, who also wants to break into the industry, I’ll give you some tips to get out of that funk a rejection letter gives you.

Tip #1: It’s Not Personal (Not College Related)

Just like what the movies would say, “It’s just business.” And it is a business. You are trying to sell something, like a book or your acting skills. These agents know what the publishing houses are looking for. Or your book isn’t what they’re looking for. But don’t fret, just because one person isn’t interested, doesn’t mean that every agent isn’t interested. Don’t take it personally. Just like in a romantic comedy, there is someone somewhere in that big ocean of agents that is perfect for you. All it takes is for you to find them.

Tip #2: Take Your Mind Off of the Waiting Period

Remember when you sent that query letter or that college application? If you said yes, you should probably take your mind off of it. Lingering on that one thing will make you turn into one loco burrito. Instead, send it off and forget about it. Only until you get a response should you remember it. Trust me, if you keep checking the mail or email hoping for a response, it will really stress you out.

I remember sending a query letter to a literary agent. And I think it was around two months later, I received a rejection letter. I thought to myself “When did I send this?” And it was actually longer than I expected.

Extra Subtitle

So to wrap things up, everyone gets rejected all the time. With the tips above, maybe you could take some stress off of it. I’m not here to bring you down, but to bring you up. To encourage you to keep going. There have been times where I receive rejection after refection, and I think to myself that I should just give up. But trust me, there are others going to the same thing. And they are there to help you as well.

That’s all the time I have for you today. If you or someone you know has a problem dealing with rejections, please share this and lend a hand to others. Have a safe Wednesday and I will see you next time.

-Andrew 🙂

Road to Publication (Pilot)

Road to Publication (Pilot)

Episode 1: The Wonders of Referrals

Good evening! So today, I’m starting a new thing that I’m calling “Road to Publication.” This series will include my journey to becoming published, as well as my thoughts on other things that could or will lead to getting published.

In episode one, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the science of referrals.

For the few that are asking, “What is a referral?” a referral is the act of referring someone for consultation or review. A referral doesn’t happen just in writing, referrals can be for any type of business or anything you can think of.

In the subject of the entertainment business, a referral is probably one (or if not the biggest) of the ways to get your foot in the door. Remember when people would say “I know a guy,” or “I’ll hook you up?” Then they go off and tell that guy about you, and somehow you got what you were looking for. That was a referral. And it is one of the biggest ways to get into a business.

Story Time!

Back in high school I had a friend (for the sake of keeping things anonymous, we’ll call him Phil). Phil was signed on with this talent agency. I asked him for the name, and he said he’ll put in a good word for me.

Fast forward to a year later (because I had to get my headshots and resume done), I submit to the agency. Shortly after I received an email asking if I could come in for an interview. And here is where it got interesting. During my interview, I was asked “How did you come across us?” And I answered “Oh my friend Phil, who is a client of yours, told me about you.” At that moment I saw their face light up, almost like that was the thing they wanted hear about.

After a week or so of waiting, I got the call that they wanted to sign me. I got excited and signed with that agency. About another year later, I decided to leave the agency to pursue writing and since my schedule was getting hectic with school.

Insert Subtitle Here

What I learned about the grace of referrals, is how it can get you so far or enough to get your foot in the door. Just by dropping the name of one friend, I was able to get into an industry that would’ve tossed me aside.

Here is what I found out, referrals make it easier to get into the business. After finishing and editing and rewriting my novel The Impure, I’ve began to submit to various literary agencies with little to no success. Granted I will continue to submit to agencies with a few breaks to refine the novel even more (it’s been five rewrites so far).

This post is getting a little long, so I’ll end it right here. The point of what I’m trying to say is that referrals could mean the world to everyone.

Have a good night and I’ll see you next time.

-Andrew 🙂