Cliches Anonymous

Hi everyone! Earlier in May, I got the pleasure to produce my short scripts Cliches Anonymous and Louie Louie at my college for a theatre showcase. And I know a lot of people were not able to watch it and I didn’t have time to film it because I was part of the running crew for other pieces. So I thought it’d be nice if I leave the script down below so you can read it for yourselves. Hope you enjoy!

Original Cliches Anonymous Cast:

Ian – Kyle Paguio
Phil – Marlon Campos
Jenny – Destiny Bustos
Vicky – Christina Apreza
Fixer – Dana Hall
Wilson – Joseph Rubio
Jaime – Alissa Padilla

-Andrew 🙂

p.s. If you want to produce the scene in your own theatre or local colleges, please let me know and give me credits as the writer.

Cliches Anonymous

Lights up on an empty room with chairs in a semi-circle facing the audience. PHIL, the head of the clichés anonymous meeting sits in the center while the other members sit around him. There is an empty seat at the end.

PHIL- Alright, everyone. Welcome back to another meeting of clichés anonymous. Remember, everything in this room stays in this room. If anything happened to you this week, now is the time to share it. And no story is stupid or overused. We’re all clichés, this is pretty much our life.

IAN, a member of the group, barges in through the door.

IAN- Sorry I’m late, traffic.

PHIL- Speaking of clichés, why don’t you start us off?

IAN- (Still standing) Um… okay. My name is Ian and I’m a cliché.


IAN- I think most people wouldn’t consider it a cliché, but technically I’m the guy that runs in late and complains about the traffic. And it isn’t like I do it on purpose. I just don’t have a sense of time – sue me.

IAN proceeds to sit down.

PHIL- And no one is blaming you. We all here have been victims of overused stereotypes tropes. For example, my name is Phil and I am a cliché.


PHIL- Most of you know me as the monotone, sleepy, pretty much boring meeting leader here, but in retrospect I can be very energetic and fun. For example, what did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college?

(Utter silence for two seconds.)

PHIL- Bison.

JENNY lets out a groan while the others look down in shame.

PHIL- Jenny? Would you like to share something?

JENNY- (Scoffs) Fine… hi I’m Jenny and I’m a cliché.


JENNY- I’m what like people consider like one of those people who like go shopping with my dog in my purse. And they like call me a valley girl. But like that’s totally not true, okay? I don’t shop with my dog in my purse. She hangs out in my convertible. But I’m not a valley girl. I’m a normal person from the San Fernando Valley and like likes to go shopping in the 90210. All of my girlfriends tell me I’m not a cliché and I like believe it.

IAN- How many friends do you have?

JENNY- Just one, and she is like super cute, super funny, has beautiful hair, and she looks great driving her convertible to the mall.

VICKY- Do you see her in the mirror?

JENNY- Oh my god, yes! How did you know?

VICKY- Well you know… I see her every week and she always so recognizable that she – you know what? I think it’s best just to call you stupid.

PHIL- Vicky, manners. Why don’t you tell us about yourself.

VICKY- (Waving) Hi, Vicky. Cliché.


VICKY- Cut that shit! Here’s the deal. I’m what they call the “tomboy.” Every day people look at me and they think “hey, you don’t act like a lady.” And I’m just standing there like “uh go fuck yourself.” I’ll do whatever I want. If I want to eat a pizza by myself in one sitting and lay down in disgust, I’m gonna do that. What’s the big deal? Sure I can dress ladylike whenever I want but do I want to? No.

PHIL- Good, good. Feel free to let it all out. Was there anything else you want to share?

VICKY- I am quite finished, thank you.

PHIL- Ok then, would anyone else like to share?

Everyone begins to look around until someone with a stormtrooper helmet raises their hand.

FIXER- My name is RX-1738, but people call me Fixer and I’m a cliché. I think people have a common misconception about stormtroopers and that we can’t shoot anything. But for the record I’ve shot a lot stuff and I don’t mean to toot my own horn.

IAN- What did you shoot?

FIXER- A lot of stuff, you know. I shot a wall… a-a ice cave. An anus in the desert. You know I’ve shot a lot of things.

VICKY- Ever shot anything moving? Or alive?

FIXER- Yeah, of course. There was this one time I shot my friend in the butt. Could I count that?

VICKY- I wouldn’t.

FIXER- Look I’m a good shot! I can hit things with a blaster and without one. I break the idea that stormtroopers are shit shots.

VICKY- I’ll believe it when I see it. I mean, didn’t you people lose a fight between bears in the forest?

FIXER- I wasn’t there! But if I was you’d know cause there’d be so many dead bears you’d think it was a Build-a-Bear workshop. Look, I can hit you with my pen.

FIXER throws the pen at VICKY but misses and hits the floor underneath her.

VICKY- (Slow clapping) Wow, if I was sitting on the ground you might have hit me.

FIXER- I’m a good shot! Wilson, tell her.

WILSON- I’m just glad that pen didn’t hit me.

IAN- Hey Wilson, you’ve been sitting here saying nothing since the meeting started. What’s your story?

WILSON- (Sighs) Fine. I’m Wilson and I’m a cliché. And if you didn’t realize it, (pointing at shirt) I’m wearing a red shirt.

JENNY- Um like… yeah you’re wearing a red shirt. You should totes change your color. I see you more like a midnight blue or sunlight orange.

VICKY- What are you, Bob Ross?

WILSON- Yeah I’d like to change my color if my job wasn’t a part of the color. I used to work on starships but then I started hearing things about people in red shirts dying out of nowhere and I just couldn’t deal with it. Now I have a steady job fixing the ships when they’re not in space. And I’m really careful too. But there was this one time I got a paper cut and I almost died.

IAN- From the papercut?

WILSON- No, I slipped on a banana peel and fell out the window. Didn’t get a single scratch.

The entire room is dead silent until VICKY begins to slowly clap.

VICKY- That’s… Fucking… Hilarious.

PHIL- Vicky, please be considerate of Wilson’s stories. (To Wilson) That is a nice story to tell, would anyone else like to share before the meeting ends?

Another member of the meeting, JAIME, quickly raises their hand.

JAIME- Hey, has anyone seen Tyson anywhere?

IAN- Yeah, I saw him when I was on my way up here. He said he heard a noise and wanted to take a look. He’ll be back.

JAIME silently groans.

PHIL- Is something wrong, Jaime?

JAIME- Tyson always does this. He says he’s going to look at something and he’ll “be right back” and ends up dead. I swear he’s always trying to be the heroic guy in horror movies that dies in the most stupid ways. One time I was at a bar with him and he got in a fight with a biker. Do you know what his last words were?

FIXER- What?

JAIME- “What are you gonna do? Stab me?” And guess how he died.

IAN- Stabbing?

JAIME- Yeah, how did you know?

IAN- Lucky guess.

JENNY- That’s horrible! Is he alright?

JAIME- He’s fine. He’ll come back to life after a couple minutes.

PHIL- Now Jaime, we can worry about Tyson later. Why don’t tell us about yourself?

JAIME- Well I talk to the fourth wall. A lot actually. That fourth wall is pretty much my best friend.

JENNY- I don’t think that’s a cliché. You’re just like cray cray.

JAIME- Freeze frame!

Everyone freezes in place except for JAIME. She turns towards the audience.

JAIME- I know what you’re probably thinking, “Jaime, you’re not crazy. You’re just misunderstood.” But actually I haven’t gotten tested. Don’t want to, in fact. But you see this freak show right? It’s like a cookie cutter of some John Hughes movies. Pretty cool, right? Okay, I have to get back. (Turns back to group and claps her hands.)

JENNY- You just have to broaden your horizons, Jaime. Tell you what, let me take you shopping. You’ll feel great.

VICKY- Is it gonna be followed by a montage with “I’m walking on sunshine” playing?

JENNY- Don’t be peanut butter and jealous, you can come to. Oh! I can give you a makeover.

VICKY- Gee, I can hardly wait.

JENNY- See? I know you’re excited.

VICKY- Hey Jenny, guess what?

JENNY- What?

VICKY- Sarcasm.

JENNY- Is that a new shop?

VICKY- Jesus Christ you’re that stupid, aren’t you?

PHIL- Now, Vicky. Please keep the remarks to a minimum please. We’ll have to work on that later.

VICKY- Good luck. The four shrinks I had didn’t fix the problem.

WILSON- Really? Four of them?

VICKY- No it was actually six but that seems like a big number.

WILSON- Yeah… small number. Is this meeting done? I have to get back and fix a starship. I swear every time they leave it keeps getting blasted.

PHIL- If anyone doesn’t have anything left to say, I guess we can end a little early. Now remember, just because we’re clichés doesn’t mean we have to follow them. Right? This was a good meeting, everyone. We’ll continue next week.

IAN is the first to get up out of his seat and goes to the door. Upon exiting, he calls out to the rest.

IAN- I found Tyson!

PHIL- See, Jaime? You don’t have to worry. How is he, Ian?

IAN- I think he’s dead.

PHIL- Are you sure?

JENNY is the second to leave the room.

JENNY- Phil, Tyson is like totally dead. There’s a screwdriver in his head.

PHIL- Well check if he still has a pulse.

VICKY is the third to leave.

VICKY- I don’t think there’s a pulse. There’s a hole where his heart is supposed to be.

PHIL- Well is the killer still out there?

FIXER leaves.

FIXER- I think I see someone running away. Wilson help me catch them.

WILSON- I don’t think that’s a good idea.

FIXER- Wilson! Get the hell out of here and chase them. You’re the fastest. I try and slow him down by throwing stuff at him.

WILSON- Again, that’s not a good idea.

FIXER- Hurry!

WILSON lets out a loud sigh and leaves the room. Clanking sounds can be heard offstage until Wilson shouts.

PHIL- Did you get the killer?

FIXER- No. I think I got Wilson. Hey Wilson, if you’re alive give me a thumbs up… That’s the wrong finger but I’ll take it.

PHIL- Best check on the Tyson. Again. Jaime, do you mind closing the door when you leave?

JAIME- No I got it.

PHIL exits.

JAIME- (To audience) See what I said? They’re a bunch of idiots. But they’re my idiots. I guess this group isn’t bad. So uh… I’ll see you later? (Walks to door) Go on, the piece is over. You can go. Unless there’s another after this. Is there? There is? Oh ok, just stick around then.

JAIME exits. Fade to black.


I’m not dead.

Hi whoever found this, it’s been a while since my last post but I can assure you that I’m not dead. I’ve been extremely busy with work and a production of Macbeth (which is now finished). Maybe now I can continue to query my book in peace.

And eventually I’ll talk about my book if anyone is interested. I’ve even been thinkworking jog about doing something with the YouTube handle I have.

Either way, have a good day.

-Andrew 🙂

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Why I like the Holiday Season 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! – Someone I forgot their name. 

I’ve always loved the holiday season for so many reasons. 

For starters, the cold. With the cold comes my endless supply of jackets and sweaters and heavy clothing. And down goes my car windows for a drives filled with cool air. 

Next, the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas have to be one of my favorite holidays period. The lights and trees go up, the turkey is in the oven, and everyone is around giving out presents. Being 20 years old I have been getting less presents and more money (not that I’m complaining). It was always something I looked forward to every year.

Last thing is the smell. There is something about that Christmas smell that is just divine. I still haven’t found a candle for it but I know just what it is by the smell of it.

And that’s why I love the holidays. Thanks for listening to my rambling as I wait for my next class to start. Have a good day and happy holidays. 

P.S. Still haven’t gotten to Road to Publication episode (?). I will eventually. In the meantime I’ll post another short story I wrote with a festive holiday theme. 

-Andrew 🙂

Cancelled Short Story: A Light in the Dark

Hi everyone! Since I’m running out of ideas and thoughts, I thought I’d give a part of a cancelled story I wrote. Originally, A Light in the Dark was supposed to be a collection of short stories based on the video game Destiny. But I cancelled the project as I had to focus on schoolwork and also trying to get The Impure published (Oh! Next post idea!).

The first story, Feron-4, was originally a two part story, but I only finished the first part. So down below will be what I wrote. So feel free and have a read. While I’m at it, I’m gonna leave a track from the Destiny soundtrack to listen to while reading the story.

Have a good night, and I’ll see you next time.

-Andrew 🙂 Destiny: The Taken King (Bow to No One)

A Light in the Dark


Those that walk through the Tower’s archives, they won’t notice the name Feron-4 scribed into neither its walls nor its books. Most see him as another guardian who fell to the power of the Darkness, lost in the reaches of time. But to the Warlocks, he was more than a guardian. He was a scholar, a friend, a legend. This is the story of Feron-4.

We begin his story at the Tower, where one would likely encounter a Warlock. In the libraries, studying the mysteries of the Vex. Amidst the endless shelves of books and journals hid Feron-4. He chose to be alone. He never bonded with the other Guardians. And because of this, he found comfort in the scripts of the Golden Age. Feron couldn’t remember his past, even before his ghost brought him back from the dead. Hell, he tried to find mentions of himself throughout the books and found nothing. Like he was a ghost unto itself.

On a cold winter day, Feron sat in a table with a pile of books trying to learn more about the Vex weaponry and technology. He was about halfway finished when a woman, with brown hair and a feathered cloak, appeared in front of him. Her hand cannon sat clipped on her back while her hood was pulled back, revealing neatly brushed brown hair cascading to her left. She looked at him with her eyebrows scrunched together, as if she wanted something from him.

“Are you Feron?” she asked, clasping her hands together.

“It depends on who’s asking,” Feron answered, turning the pages of a book. He didn’t bother looking up to see who was asking.

“Name’s Hana, I was told if I wanted information about the Vex I’d look for you.”

Feron’s eyes shifted from a bright yellow to a soothing blue color. The antennae in his head receded and he closed his book and looked at Hana. He folded his hands on the table.

“The biggest piece of information I can give, is to shoot one in the glowing part. About the middle of the chest; where you’d expect a belly. And don’t stay near its tech for too long. Otherwise you’ll end up like Osiris. Is that it?”

“Have you heard of Atheon?” Hana asked.

“Time’s Conflux? Yes, I’ve heard of it. The Vex mind that can jump from past to future as it pleases. What of it?”

“I’m putting together a team to kill it. And I need information on how to find it.”

Feron scoffed and left his chair, taking a stack of books with him. Hana got up and followed him to the aisles. Feron put a few books back while picking a couple of new volumes.

“If this is some kind of joke, you need some more work. Atheon is inside the Vault of Glass. No one has gone inside and left. And if you were to enter it, which I don’t recommend, it’s not gonna be easy to get to him. A few Guardians reported something called the Templar just waiting to take your Light. And only the Traveler knows what is beyond the Templar. If you are willing to risk your life and the lives of other Guardians to kill something that can’t be killed, don’t bring me into it.”

“No one is dying on this mission, Feron,” Hana said. “If you can help me find more information about the Vault of Glass and Atheon, I promise you can have first dibs at whatever is inside of it. Just follow me to Venus and find what you can.”

Feron was one to turn down adventure for comfort, but he wasn’t one to turn down knowledge. He returned to the table and gently put his books down. With one hand on the stack, he let out a sigh and looked at Hana.

“Fine… I’ll help you take down Atheon, on one condition.”

She put one hand on her hip and said, “Anything you need.”

“There are rumors, about someone named Praedyth that went into the Vault. Anything you or your fireteam find in there about him, you bring it to me.”

Hana looked down at the ground and back at Feron. She smiled and extended her hand. “Deal.” Feron shook her hand and the two of them left the library.

Once outside in the Tower commons, Hana followed Feron to his vault where he kept his equipment: an orange hand cannon, a fusion rifle, and a helmet with feathers sticking out the backside.  He then walked to the gunsmith, Banshee, to purchase a few packs of ammo syntheses for the journey.

On the way to his last stop, Hana and Feron encountered the third member of the team. A titan named Yung. He stood heroic, carrying his helmet. He greeted Hana and she introduced him to Feron. Yung stood six feet tall and was covered head to toe in shimmering white armor. They called him “Hive Killer.” Stories about how he slaughtered a coven of wizards had spilled through the Tower like wildfire. He was a respected Guardian, but he wanted a real challenge. Hana recruited him after meeting in the European dead-zone. Yung stood in a pose that would make him look like a statue; leaning on his left foot, helmet cradled in the right hand, and a rocket launcher “Gjallarhorn” on his back.

Yung parted ways with Hana and Feron. The two Guardians finished their preparation by meeting Amanda Holiday, the shipwright, to find Feron his old ship. Being as he rarely traveled outside of the City a ship seemed unnecessary. Luckily for him, she found his ship gathering dust in a hangar. Amanda dusted it off and after a quick tune-up, it looked good as new.

Feron and Hana stood together by the hangar doors.

“Before you can kill Atheon,” Feron said. “You need to learn how to get to Atheon first. And that means opening the Vault of Glass. As far as we know, there is no way or no known way of opening it. The Ishtar Academy may have some information on it. I’ll be heading there first.”

“Do you need someone to help you out?” Hana asked, wiping her knife. “Venus has changed and not for the better. Sure Guardians are doing their best to keep the Fallen and the Vex at bay, but none of it seems to be working.”

Feron’s eyes clicked twice and shifted the color to white. “I think I can manage. I’m still a Guardian after all.”

The two parted ways, each into their perspective ships. Feron hopped into his ship and enter the location of the Ishtar Academy and the ship parted from the Tower and into the sky.

Short Story: Dreamland

Good evening! So I didn’t really have a thought or any topic I wanted to talk about. Instead you get to read one of my short stories *slow clap*. I wrote this one back in high school on the idea of how crazy dreams can be and how after a dream, we go on about our lives like nothing happened. Have a read, and enjoy your night.

-Andrew 🙂

P.S. I’ve recently came across this song called “On and On” by The Score. It’s an amazing song and you should hear it and spread the love.The Score – On and On


As I lay down in my bed, I began to think about the things that happened during the day. I realized the repetitiveness of my mundane life has begun to unfold. As I thought of the constants beeping of an alarm clock and the siren of the school bell, I closed my eyes for only a second.  I opened my eyes and felt a slight change in scenery. The darkness that was my room now turned into an open field; I thought to myself if I had woken from a dream. I was walking through the field, not a care in the world. But as I look down at the ground, the once green grass turned into the chrome floor of a spaceship. I thought again to myself if this was a dream, but I still haven’t done anything about it. As I wandered through the ship, barefoot, I found an empty observation room. I walked towards the oval window with great curiosity; just to see what was on the other side. The other side of the oval window revealed the vast emptiness of space. The quietness and serene scenery gave me a sudden chill, as a shooting star past my eyes. I felt like I was alone in a world I created. As another star past my eyes, a meteor began to come towards me. The sounds of alarms and sirens began to fill the spaceship. I tried to do something about it, but I can’t. It was as if I had become paralyzed and I was watching the destruction come towards me. I panicked. I felt the walls closing in on me. All I could do is watch. As the meteor closed in on my position, I closed my eyes as to not see what will happen. I felt a sudden jolt in my body. The chrome floor disappeared from under my feet. I was in the field again. I felt my heart return to its regular beating pattern. I then proceeded to walk through the field again. As sudden breeze of wind began to flow through the field; the wind felt nice as it flew through by hair. The wind then started to become more and more violent. I looked around to see what was making it faster. The field then fell apart between my feet. Before I ever noticed, I was falling. I tried to grab a hold on something, but I couldn’t. As I fell I saw the nothingness of space. I thought to breath, but I was not able to. Every breath I attempted resulted in frequent gasps and constant panic attacks. As my descent came to a close, I landed on something soft; I closed my eyes in an attempt to shut out this world. I opened my eyes a few seconds later to the pleasant sight of my bedroom. The alarm clock was beeping beside me; as usual, I then started my day.

The Dream Conundrum

A Dream to Remember

Good evening! It’s Monday, the start of the week. And the bane of my existence. So for this entry I thought I’d talk about something that’s been on my mind since the day started.

Last night I had a dream. And usually I don’t remember dreams because they don’t seem to be interesting. But there was something strange about this particular dream that lingered on throughout the entire day.

So in this dream, I was sitting with a four other people I never knew. But I had the feeling that we were all friends. All of a sudden a monster comes out of nowhere and ruins the day. The five of us stand up, and one person stands in front of us as we faced the monster. He wore a green shirt and said, “It’s morphin’ time!” At that moment I realize I was dreaming of the Power Rangers. But this team didn’t consist of any known actors. This team was made of complete unknowns. Anyway, we morph in the suits. I look down at my hands and see my suit consisting of the black color (which was cool because the Black Ranger was usually my favorite). The others morphed into the red, green, pink, and yellow rangers. Together we fought the monster and eventually won.

But this wasn’t the thing that lingered in my thoughts. At the end of fight, the others took off their helmets and powered down into their regular clothing. We gathered around a table listening to stories and other things. As I sat there, the girl that was the yellow ranger sat next to me. She had blond hair and was kind of cute. She looked at me, smiled, and held my hand. Her hand felt warm and soft as we stayed at that table until the dream vanished (and I had to pee). It was that last moment I remember most vividly before the dream ended. The blond haired girl, her smile, her hand holding mine, and the gathering with the other rangers.

Now I am a big Power Rangers fan and I was watching a few episodes before I went to sleep. And it made me think, that if what we saw before bed, actually reflected what our dreams would become. Or if my mind is trying to tell me something. As just an FYI, I am not any kind of scientist. So what I say is me trying to gather my thoughts into something coherent.

It’s very rare for dreams to linger like this one did. Most really good dreams tend to stay until about noon, where they disappear into the dark corners of my head. Out of all the dreams I’ve had (I had another where I was stuck in a video game and another where I flew my own spaceship), why was it that this one stayed with me for the entire day? To be frank, this session of slumber was the first in a long time where I was in a state of complete comfort. Was it the things I did before sleep? Or was it God’s way of saying “You deserve a really good night’s sleep?”

Anyway, thanks for sticking around. I’ll try and think of a schedule to post these. But in the meantime, have a good night.


Hello, World

Simple Introductions

 Good evening to anyone who happened to stumble onto this page. In case you don’t know who I am, this is a formal introduction… or informal on how you look at it. My name is Andrew Nguyen. I am a college student. I act, I write, and I play video games. That’s pretty much the gist of who I am.

So what I plan to do on this blog is to give my thoughts on anything that’s happening in my little world of acting, writing, and video games. One day it’s talking about something in movies, another it’s talking about thoughts about this book I’ve been writing for years (it’s called The Impure if you were curious about what it’s called).

If you’d like, join me on an adventure as I go through my everyday grind. I’d love to have you along for the ride. I will try and post regularly, but do expect at least one post a week if not bi-weekly.

Thank you, and good night. 🙂